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National Grange: Even silence says something

By Amanda Brozana, Communications Director (National Grange Press Release 12/14/12)

  JANUARY 8, 2013 --

Like gravity in physics, communication has laws.

An essential one that we all should remember is that “One cannot not communicate.”  Double negative aside, the statement is poignant.  No matter if we choose to create flyers, write articles, hang banners, publish newsletters, build websites, create social media profiles or give speeches or not, we are telling a broader public something about our organization.

If we choose not to in some way spread the message of the Grange, we are sending a message that the Grange is not worth our efforts.

Because of this, it is important that every Grange and every Grange member make communicating positively about our organization and your local Granges a priority as we look to 2013.

As of early 2012, every Grange was provided a free website and email by the National Grange.  We have also worked to encourage Granges to take advantage of free social networking sites such as Facebook to create pages (not profiles or groups) that are public and share the images, stories and details about our Granges with the communities in which we are a part.

Taking advantage of these mediums tells the public that the Grange is a place where things happen, people enjoy their interactions and want others to be a part of the fun.  Without embracing new technologies, we tell others they are not welcome in our clique.

All Granges should create a communications plan for 2013 as a way to spread your message, our message and as a result, potentially bring in new members.

The Communications Department will offer many outreach sessions this year, in the form of communication weekend workshops in different areas of the country, monthly TeamSpeak meetings and more.  We hope you will take the time to provide your ideas, suggestions and comments to the department including how we can best help your Grange.  Please send comments and suggestions to abrozana@nationalgrange.org.

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