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National Grange kicks-off to new Membership Campaign

By Amanda Brozana, Communications Director (National Grange Press Release 12/14/12)

  DECEMBER 28, 2012 --

In the Grange, 13 is a special number. Each Grange must have 13 members, and every Grange has 13 officers, plus its executive committee.

With 2013 just around the corner, and a serious need to see membership growth in the ranks of every local Grange across the nation, the Membership Department is rolling out a new, time-sensitive campaign using social media to encourage membership.

Called the 13Second Campaign, the initiative encourages all members using social media such as Facebook and Twitter to post a personal status or tweet on the 13th of every month from December 2012 through December 2013 – a total of at least 13 posts – that tell a personal story of what the Grange means to you and encouraging non-members to ask for more information or to join.

Membership/Leadership Director Michael Martin said the campaign allows every member to show their commitment and take ownership in growing the Grange.

“Growing our membership must be a prior­ity of every Grange and every Grange member,” Martins said. “This grassroots campaign will draw attention to the positive personal impact the Grange has made on our members’ lives.”

Martin said the campaign modernizes and works from the concept Granges have learned and discussed for years: the elevator speech.

“I ask that members across the country, that means you personally, take time – about 13 seconds – on the 13th of each month, starting today to post to your social networks a kind of social media elevator post,” Martin said. “These posts should tell a brief anecdote about the Grange’s importance in your community and in your life, and they should encourage your social media friends to ask you more about our Order.”

Grangers who participate are encouraged to end each of their tweets or posts with #13Seconds so the National Grange can see how many messages were posted, shared and discussed, determine what stories and anecdotes seem to draw the most attention and assist in other areas of membership and recruitment.

“I challenge you to do your part by actively participating in this campaign. Actively tell people about your positive Grange experience and ask at least 13 people to join the Grange between now and December 13, 2013,” Martin said.

If you participate and have success, Martin asks that you share the information with him by email at mmartin@nationalgrange.org. Include in the email your name and name and number of your Grange. Include the post that prompted the new member to join and the new member’s name and Grange.

Martin said the National Grange will recognize everyone who reports success as part of this campaign during the 2013 Annual National Grange Convention.

“Over the next 13 months, if, together, we bring in 100 net new members each month, we will achieve a net gain in membership for the Grange as a whole. Together, in these next 13 months, we will grow the Grange,” Martin said.

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