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Legislatively Speaking
Legislatively Speaking: Thanks for submitting resolutions

By Alma Graham, CT State Grange Legislative Director

  DECEMBER 6, 2012 --

The last State Grange session in October brought in 41 resolutions.  Thanks to all Granges who submitted resolutions.  We had a wide variety of topics with many reflecting current events from the past year. 

The delegates voted to encourage the increase of funding for the states AgriScience (Vo-Ag) schools.  Some of the reasons brought up were that these are the original magnet schools and the increasing need for trained agricultural workers to manage the agricultural industry.  We also voted to support the establishment of programs which would teach the basic agricultural production of plant and livestock to elementary and middle school students.

Of course with our session being in the middle of the campaign season we saw a resolution recommending the limitation of money being spent on campaigns and the shortening of the campaign season.

The delegates supported repeal of the ‘Life Imprisonment without Parole’ and reinstatement of the death penalty option.  We also supported repealing the ‘Risk Reduction Earned Credit’ program which allows prisoners to shorten their sentences by earning credit for good conduct or participating in approved activities. 

Concerning the health care industry, a resolution was adopted recommending the passage of legislation requiring pre-employment screening for illegal drugs as well as continued screening’s for health care workers.  The delegates also supported a resolution recommending that dentists and dental procedures be considered and treated the same as other medical specialists both by government and insurance carriers.

Last year the Governor removed all of the individual college presidents and combined the state colleges into one administration.  The delegates supported reinstating the college presidents feeling that they will better serve the individual college needs than by having one overall administrator.  The delegates also voted to oppose the change in voting regulations that would allow same day voter registration on Election Day.  They felt that it would be hard to monitor and prevent potential voter fraud.

The delegates did discuss some Grange policies and procedures.  The recommendation to rename some of the Pomona’s arose with the suggestion that the Pomona names incorporate the use of district or county names.  The delegates voted to suggest adding a charge for the Secretary in the 5th degree which would cover the financial obligations to the Pomona.   The delegates also supported an amendment asking the National Grange to develop and promote an optional procedure for the election of officers in community Granges to streamline the process. 

The resolutions concerning Grange policy and National issues have been forwarded to the National Grange for the National delegates to discuss and take action.


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