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National Grange ceases print publication of New Grange

By National Grange Press Release (11/30/12)

  DECEMBER 4, 2012 --

National Grange recently sent out a press release stating that their newsletter, "New Grange" will cease print publication for 2013. The release is as follows:

Today it is important to inform you that, due to budgetary constraints, the National Grange will not print and send an edition of the New Grange in 2013.  However, the Communications Department is committed to providing information to all members and asks each of you to assist in this effort. 

Please spread the word that the National Grange will produce and distribute e-newsletters on a regularly scheduled basis for all members who provide email addresses to swilkins@nationalgrange.org or abrozana@nationalgrange.org.  Information can also be regularly found at www.nationalgrange.org.

If you know members who do not have email or the internet, please volunteer or find someone in your Grange who will print and distribute the e-newsletter editions to members. 

The National Grange looks forward to continuing to serve its wonderful members and hopes each member will do their part in providing their Brothers and Sisters with information - both to the National Grange about local Grange events and activities and information from the National Grange to all of our members.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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