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Public Relations Contest Winners Announced

By Terri Fassio and Robert Charbonneau, Public Relations Co-Directors

  NOVEMBER 7, 2012 --

The Connecticut State Grange Public Relations Committee offered 7 Contests in 2012.  We would like to thank all of the Granges for participating in the contests and increasing their public awareness over this past year.  Let’s see these numbers increase for 2013!

Here’s the list of winners presented at the CT State Grange Session in October.

1.)  “Spot On” - 60-Second Grange Video Commercial Contest - Granges were asked to submit a 60-second video promoting their Grange. 

Winner:  Winchester Grange No. 74;

 2.) “Spreading the Word” - CT State Grange Website Participation Contest - Recognizes Granges who submitted information to be published on the CT State Grange website. 

Participation Certificates - COMMUNITY GRANGES:  Stafford Grange No. 1; Granby Grange No. 5; Redding Grange No. 15; Southington Grange No. 25; Glastonbury Grange No. 26; Wallingford Grange No. 33; Cawasa Grange No. 34; Senexet Grange No. 40; Whigville Grange No. 48; Eureka Grange No. 62; Harmony Grange No. 92; Beacon Valley Grange No. 103; Killingly Grange No. 112; Bethlehem Grange No. 121; Higganum Grange No. 124; Greenfield Hill Grange No. 134; N. Stonington Grange No. 138; Prospect Grange No. 144; Norfield Grange No. 146; Lyme Grange No. 147; Enfield Grange No. 151; Cannon Grange No. 152; Bridgewater Grange No. 153; Norwich Grange No. 172; Wolcott Grange No. 173; Oxford Grange No. 194; Simsbury Grange No. 197

Participation Certificates - POMONA GRANGES:  Central Pomona No. 1; East Central Pomona No. 3; Mountain County Pomona No. 4; New London County Pomona No. 6; Excelsior Pomona No. 7

President’s Award Certificates:  Cheshire Grange No. 23; Hillstown Grange No. 87; Taghhannuck Grange No. 100; Simsbury Grange No. 197

Special Recognition Certificates were awarded to Meriden Grange No. 29 and Winchester Grange No. 74. 

3.)  “Show Us Your Stuff” - Grange Marketing Contest - Granges were asked to create a booklet highlighting the ways they promote themselves to the public. 

Winner:  Winchester Grange No. 74

4.)  “Convey the Message” - Best Grange-written Press Release Contest - Entries were to be an ACTUAL press release written and used by each Grange. 

2nd Place Winner:  Winchester Grange No. 74;

1st Place Winner:  Meriden Grange No. 29

5.)  “Let’s Advertise” - Best Grange Event Poster - There were two categories for entries - Digital Design and Traditional Media.  Digital Winner: 

2nd Place:  Meriden Grange No. 29;

1st Place:  Winchester Grange No. 74. 

Traditional Winner:  Lyme Grange No. 147

6.)  “In the News” - Best Newspaper Article Contest - Granges were asked to submit clippings of newspaper articles written about their Granges.  With all of the wonderful articles written by newspapers about Connecticut Granges, it is sad that we only had four entries in this category. 

2nd Place Winner:  Simsbury Grange No. 197;

1st Place Winner:  Winchester Grange No. 74

7.)  “Creating a Buzz” - Connecticut State Grange Social Media Participation Contest - This contest spotlights Granges efforts on Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook Recognition Certificates:  Granby Grange #5, Southington Grange #25, Whigville Grange #48, Eureka Grange #62, Hillstown Grange #87, Ekonk Grange #89, Greenfield Hill Grange #134, Lyme Grange #147, Cannon Grange #152, Bridgewater Grange #153, Wolcott Grange #173, Mountain County Pomona Grange #4, Ekonk Community Junior Grange No. 101; 

3rd Place Winner:  Meriden Grange No. 29;

2nd Place Winner:  (3-way Tie); Winchester Grange No. 74, Norfield Grange No. 146, Simsbury Grange No. 197;

1st Place Winner:  Cheshire Grange No. 23

Twitter Recognition Certificates: 

Honorable Mention: Cheshire Grange No. 23;

3rd Place Winner: Meriden Grange No. 74;

2nd Place Winner: Cannon Grange 152;

1st Place Winner: Winchester Grange No. 74.


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