Thursday, December 07, 2023
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From The Chaplain's Desk
October 2012 Chaplain's Corner

By Marvin Wilbur, Past Chaplain of the CT State Grange

  OCTOBER 3, 2012 --

October here so soon! It is amazing how time flies. State Session will be here soon and all the excitement that goes with that. 

This is a wonderful time of the year when the orchards are full of fruit. The vegetable gardens are in decline now, but those final tomatoes or squash or potatoes remind us of the promises of God to not only supply our needs, but to keep the seasons in order.

If only we could be as faithful to Him as He is to us. It is altogether too easy for us to exclude Him from our lives. I know I do it often. However, we must stop being so foolish and remember He is in charge. Our job is to acknowledge Him and let Him do whatever is best for us.

For those of us who like to be in charge of our lives, that is extremely difficult. For others, it seems easier. I have no easy answer and I try to remember to turn everything over to Him. It makes life easier when I do.


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