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Grange Youth to exemplify 1873 degrees at Kelley Farm

By Charlene M. Shupp Espenshade, National Grange Youth Dir., New Grange (August 2012 Issue)

  SEPTEMBER 23, 2012 --

The National Grange Youth Department will be performing the 1873 degrees at the Oliver Hudson Kelley Farm on July 13, 2013, in Elk River, Minn.

The 1873 degrees are one of the early versions of the founder’s work that has led to today’s version of our degree work. One of its most noticeable differences is that there are a total of eight degrees, four for women and four for men. Also the Officers wore different regalia compared to what Subordinate Officers wear today.  This degree set was a “work in progress” version as the founders worked with early Granges to try different things out and provide feedback. It will be interesting to see the subtle and significant changes to the degree presentation.

Grange Youth had to submit their applications by June 1. 

The degree teams are in the process of being selected at this time. After the team selection process is complete, Grange Youth will begin work on one of the four degree teams and prepare for the 2013 event.

The four degree teams will travel to the farm to start practice on July 12, with the public event happening on July 13. In addition to the presentation of the degrees, Grangers will be able to participate in rural activities, such as assisting with farm, home and garden chores.

This event will also serve as the Midwestern Regional Youth Conference. Regional speech and sign-a-song contests will be conducted at the event.

Mark your calendars and join the National Grange Youth Department in Elk River.

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