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From The Chaplain's Desk
August 2012 Chaplain's Corner

By Marvin Wilbur, Past Chaplain of the CT State Grange

  AUGUST 3, 2012 --

I am discovering how strange we are as human beings.  We say things are important to us and are an important part of our lives. But I am discovering  differently.

Take our friends for example. We all have friends, even 1 or 2. What do we think of them? How do we treat them. When we first become friends with someone we call or visit them often. They are included in our plans and we enjoy each other’s company. Then a strange thing happens. We begin to grow apart and do not communicate with them as much. In time perhaps cards are sent at Christmas or at some other time. Perhaps we have developed new friends and the circle continues.

It is the same with our God—whatever name you wish to call him. We when first realize that God is supreme and that He loves us, we stand in awe! We worship Him, want to have Him with us, talk to Him and invite Him wherever we go. After a while things change. We are not so involved with Him. Perhaps our other friends laugh at our relationship with God. And you know, we don’t want to lose our friends, now do we.

The same is true of the Grange. When we first join we are enthusiastic and want to take part in all the activities. Soon after some members dislike the newcomers doing everything and having fun. We complain about people not coming or caring, but perhaps there are some of us that foster that feeling. We perhaps feel jealous or hurt or disappointed. We don’t seem to care about members, or friends.

And you know what? Pretty soon we have no friends. Pretty soon our Grange will have to close because no one cares. And it all starts with each of us. I am willing to guarantee that there are members of your Grange that have not heard from you in ages, except when dues are due. Do we visit—no. Do we call—no. And you know what, we ignore not only our Grange family, but our friends as well.  What a shame that we have forgotten something we have all heard: “In the Grange, we are like one great family…”

There is time to make changes; there is time to instill a sense of caring; there is time to show all that they are important and needed. So, it is time to get started and change our attitudes to something positive. Let’s get going today!


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