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National Grange Youth Foundation Campaign

By National Grange Press Release (6/22/12)

  JUNE 23, 2012 --

The National Grange Youth Foundation campaign is a project that seeks to provide present and future Grange Youth and Young Adults with the chance to participate in the National Grange annual session and provide them the needed tools to support the Grange mission at home.

Last year, 29 outstanding Grange youth - nine youth ambassadors, one young couple, a National Grange Youth Officer Team of 17 grange youth and a John Trimble Legislative experience participant - were supported through the fund.

Several of these youth have returned home to serve on Grange Growth teams, assisted in organizing new Granges, serve as subordinate Grange officers and committee members and are working to grow the Grange for the next generation.

A set of six youth and young couples have been selected for advanced membership training at a Grange Growth Summit.

These Grange youth are also leaders in other organizations serving as state FFA officers, 4-H leaders, and earning scholarships for academic excellence; the Grange has helped these youth achieve these successes. 

By providing our Grange youth with the funding assistance to participate in the National Grange Session, we nurture their social, intellectual and moral growth. The Grange is preparing its youth members for futures in business, community and private endeavors. We, as well as many other Grangers, may not have been actively involved in the Grange Youth departments in many years, but that does not mean we do not care about the Grange Youth program. 

The National Grange Youth Foundation must receive $15,000 to support the costs of the National Grange Youth Horizon Leadership program, John Trimble Legislative Experience Program and National Youth Officer Team. Historically, the Youth Foundation has covered housing costs, convention tickets and youth tours. Your financial support is critical to continue providing Grange Youth and Young Adults with a valuable experience at the National Grange convention. Your support makes it possible for these young Grangers to attend the National Grange Youth Leadership Days and participate in Grange Youth Programs. 

Pledges made to the National Grange Youth Foundation are tax-deductable. Please contact National Grange Youth Director Charlene M. Shupp Espenshade at (717) 361-2844 or by e-mail at youth@nationalgrange.org for further information.  

Donors will be recognized at the Youth Department display at National Session and on the National Grange Youth Foundation website, as well as with a certificate of thanks to hang in your Grange hall or home. Thank you again for your careful consideration and support of our Grange youth leaders.



Charlene M. Shupp Espenshade 
National Grange Youth Director




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