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The Social Connection
News from the Social Connection Committee

By Joanne Cipriano, Social Connection Director

  JULY 5, 2012 --

TAG SALE  -  I know you have heard different totals for the state-wide tag sale.  Well every time I gave a new total someone else came through and sent me a check.  The final total is $1,824.83.

PHIL PRELLI ROAST – Another great evening.  From all reports the supper was delicious, the Roasters funny, the Roastee Phil Prelli gracious and the door prizes appreciated.

Special thanks from Barbara, Betty Jane and me to:  Phil Prelli for being such a good sport, the Roasters: Anita and Jimmie Gentry, Russell Gray, Gail Prelli, Marie, Terri Fassio and the dinner assistants:  Marge Bernhardt, Liz Ryducha, Jody Cameron, Ray Legg, Eloise Osuch, Lin Erickson, Maggie Schofield, Ted Beebe, Bob Sendewicz, Terri Fassio and Todd Gelineau.

COMPETITIVE NIGHT -  Save the date of Saturday – September 15th at 6:00 P.M..  This is the date of our next activity.  Place Prospect Senior Center.  This will be a Competitive Night, competing the Pomonas in the East against the Pomonas in the West.  Theme “Cowboys and Indians.”  Refreshments will be hot dogs and beans plus a dessert table.  All for the low price of $5.00.  We will also have a Country Store to help defray the cost of renting the hall.  Any and all donations will be appreciated.

Tickets are available in Central Pomona from Cindy Charbonneau; Quinebaug Jody Cameron; East Central Edith Schoell; Mountain County Todd Gelineau; New Haven Janet Haller; New London Debbie Barnes; Excelsior Pomona Barbara Robert and Fairfield County Marge Sendewicz.

“GRANGER OF THE YEAR” CONNEST  -  Applications have been sent to each Grange.  Every Grange has that certain someone who goes above and beyond.  Please submit their names, they deserve it.  Applications must be returned to Joanne Cipriano by September 15th.  Award will be presented at the State Session.


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