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Deputies' Corner
Thank you - and looking ahead

By Todd Gelineau, General Deputy

  JULY 5, 2012 --

The thanks of each Deputy and myself go out to each and every Grange who worked so hard to bring another inspection season closer to a successful end.  As of this writing, there are still several Granges waiting to be inspected due to scheduling conflicts, but we anticipate having all complete before the beginning of August.

A lot of work goes into each inspection by both the Grange being inspected and by the Deputy conducting the inspection.  My sincere thanks go to all of the Deputies for their tireless work and cooperation whenever I had to have something clarified or reviewed again.  Thank you!  Thank you!

The completed reports along with comments from the Deputies and myself have already begun arriving in the various Granges.  We strongly encourage Granges to review the inspection reports and work on the areas indicated.  In the end, these inspections mean nothing if the information and comments provided are not used constructively to help grow your Granges.

There is one area on the inspection reports that seems to have caused some concern.  When designing the Deputies Ritual Challenge for this year, it was decided to incorporate last year's challenge into this year's challenge.  The thinking was that many Granges have already had the opportunity to work on the Flag Presentation in 2011 and would score reasonably well with it this year.  For this reason, as many points are allowed for the Flag Presentation as the Master's section.  A high score on the Flag Presentation takes the collective effort of everyone in the room, not just the Stewards and Ceres.

Please keep in mind the numerical scoring on the inspection report is only provided as a means for judging the Ritual Challenge.  This scoring procedure will only be used this year.  We will return to the inspection procedure used in 2010-2011 next year.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.  All of the comments received are given serious consideration and help us to improve our programs for the future.


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