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National Grange 2013 Convention News

By Carol Hnath, Connecticut Coordinator

  JUNE 9, 2012 --

The state coordinators for the 2013 National Grange Convention met at the Radisson Hotel Manchester (NH) and toured the beautiful facilities where we will be holding the session.  At this point all sessions and events will be held at the hotel including the Seventh Degree. We are hoping to have a Facebook page and website created and up soon where you may see and share the latest details concerning the 2013 Session.  

We will be holding a contest to design centerpieces for the various breakfasts, luncheons, and the Host Banquet encouraging the use of recycled materials.  More information will be available concerning this soon.  Mittens, hats, and scarves for the “Tree” may be knitted, crocheted, or sewn.  These will be displayed at the session and then donated to various agencies in the Northeast Region.

Girls are needed to serve as Trumpet Girls for the Seventh Degree. There is a size requirement because of the costumes – I can obtain more information if someone is interested.

Please - save the date of November 16, 2013 – we will need many volunteers to host the Hospitality Room and help with registration since this is one of the busiest days of the Session!  The Hospitality Room will be serving a continental style breakfast in the morning as well as offering a quick lunch item in the middle of the day.  If anyone would like to volunteer to be our Hospitality Room contact to the committee, please contact Jody Cameron or me.

T-shirts, polo shirts, and sweatshirts are still available.  We will be adding additional items soon to help raise the funds needed to host the session.  I plan to have these available at Let’s Celebrate and other events that may be appropriate.


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