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Next National Grange TeamSpeak April 26

By National Grange E-mail Communication (4/25/12)

  APRIL 25, 2012 --

Join National Grange President, Ed Luttrell, for a TeamSpeak Leadership Conference on April 26th at 8pm Eastern Time & 8pm Pacific Time.  

Each session will last approximately one hour.  These sessions are designed for members of new Granges, reorganized Granges, and revitalized Granges as well as the teams working with these Granges.

The focus of this discussion will be about political action and non-partisanship.     

See you on the internet!


New to TeamSpeak?

The National Grange is proud of the diverse representation of attendees from across the country that are at our TeamSpeak Conferences. When you are entering a nickname, let us know what State you are representing!  

 Example:  John Smith (MA)"

(Please contact swilkins@nationalgrange.org for additional assistance with TeamSpeak)


Getting Started with TeamSpeak 

TeamSpeak Set-Up Instructions  

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