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Have you submitted a Granger Shout Out yet?
  MAY 23, 2012 --

Do you have someone you want to congratulate?  Someone to thank? Has someone in your Grange gone above and beyond, deserving special recognition?  Submit your "Granger Shout Outs" today!

The rules:

- All messages should be NO MORE than 140 characters (roughly 20 words)... the maximum length of a Twitter Tweet.
- The editor reserves the right to edit all messages
- The editor also reserves the right not to publish any message deemed to be inappropriate for publication in the Granger

How to submit:

E-mail your "Shout Out" by the 15th or each month to Granger@CTStateGrange.org (use "Granger Shout Out" in the subject line.)

They can also be mailed to 170 Scoville St., #14, Torrington, CT 06790


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