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One of the Most Popular Grangers: FDR

By National Grange Website (4/19/12)

  APRIL 24, 2012 --

The Grange, having long been a strong, long-standing organization, has had members head into the White House. Franklin D. Roosevelt joined Chapel Corners Grange in 1914, ultimately becoming a Seventh Degree member in 1930. Of his membership in the Grange, Roosevelt stated, “For many years I have been a member of the Grange. I have felt at home in it because it embodies the fine flavor of rural living which I myself have known and loved. Beyond this, it has been an instrument for expressing in useful activity the highest sentiments and deepest loyalties of Americans.”

As Roosevelt offered the New Deal to Americans to help stop the crushing wheels of the Great Depression of 1929, Roosevelt reached out to fellow Grange members for their expertise. Albert S. Goss, once Master of the National Grange, was tapped by Roosevelt to be the Commissioner of the Farm Credit Administration while Goss was serving as the Washington State Grange Master. Goss worked with farmers to organize into a cooperative farm loan association in order to receive funds as well.  Through initiatives such as the Federal Farm Loan Act and the Farm Credit System, Grange members Goss and Roosevelt helped limit farm foreclosure.

In addition to FDR’s work with the Grange, his wife, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt not only became a Grange member, but also a vocal supporter of the organization.

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