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The Social Connection
Tag Sales, Roasts and more!

By Joanne Cipriano, Social Connection Director

  APRIL 5, 2012 --

This is a busy time for our committee.  Members from most of the state are collecting items for our tag sale being held on Saturday – April 28th.  Presently sales are scheduled for Southington Grange in Central Pomona; Senexet Grange in Quinebaug Pomona; Litchfield Grange in Mountain County Pomona, Wallingford Grange in New Haven County Pomona and Oxford Grange in Excelsior Pomona.  We sincerely thank these Pomonas for their help.  

Proceeds from the sale will be donated to the American Liver Foundation.  In talking to the people for the Liver Foundation they are most appreciative of our efforts and have offered to help if needed.  One liver recipient from Naugatuck will be assisting at Oxford Grange.

Our next activity will be the Phil Prelli Roast.  We will be serving a Roast Pork Dinner at 6 O’clock followed by the Roast and door prizes.  This is being held at  Cheshire Grange on Saturday May 19th.  Tickets can be obtained in Central Pomona  from Cindy Charbonneau; Quinebaug Pomona from Jody Cameron; East Central  Pomona from Edith Schoell; Mountain County Pomona from Todd Gelineau; New  Haven County Pomona Marge Bernhardt; New London County Pomona Debbie Barnes; Excelsior Pomona Barbara Robert and Fairfield County Pomona Marge Sendewicz.  Get your tickets early – our last dinner was a sell-out.

We thank Phil most sincerely for being such a good sport.

Don’t forget our “Granger of the Year” Contests.  Applications will be sent to each Grange shortly. 


Tag Sale Locations:

Central Pomona Southington Grange

Corner of Summit & Knowles Ave., Plantsville (Southington)


Quinebaug Pomoma Senexet Grange

628 Route 169, Woodstock


Mountain County Pomona Litchfield Grange

435 Bantam Rd. (opposite Bantam Inn), Litchfield


New Haven County Pomona Wallingford Grange

586 Center St., Wallingford


Excelsior Pomona Oxford Grange

482 Oxford Rd. (Route 67), Oxford



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