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National Grange Announces New Benefit with Comfort Keepers

By National Grange Press Release (3/9/12)

  MARCH 30, 2012 --

Comfort Keepers specializes in keeping seniors safe and independent at home. By utilizing Comfort Keepers services, you can be assured that the eldercare services that you are purchasing will be customized to the specific needs of your family member. Comfort Keepers services can be delivered a few hours a day or 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for short or long periods of time. You should receive significant peace of mind knowing that you are working with a reputable company with high quality standards.      

Comfort Keepers is one of the top two companies in the eldercare industry with more US locations (640) than any other company.  

Finding an honest, reputable caregiver can be very challenging for someone trying to manage their careers, their children and their parents.  To eliminate this burden, each of our caregivers is a Comfort Keepers employee (i.e., not a contracted employee), and must pass a rigorous, criminal background check before they are hired.  We repeat this background check annually.  

Each Comfort Keepers office adheres to all the administrative responsibilities required by law including: business, Worker's Comp and unemployment insurance, bonding, taxes, etc. Quality standards are routinely audited throughout our network and ongoing training is provided to franchisees, their staff, and caregivers.  All of these issues are critically important, especially when compared to situations where independent caregivers are being employed.  For example, if you are employing an independent caregiver, and the caregiver is injured while providing care to your family member; you are responsible for medical bills, Worker's Comp, etc.  Working with Comfort Keepers eliminates all those concerns.   

Any National Grange member who requires eldercare services for themselves or a family member will receive a 5% discount off the published list price for companionship or personal care services.  To find the Comfort Keepers location in your area, go to www.comfortkeepers.com, and place your zip code into the locator.

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