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Deputies' Corner
Inspection season is upon us

By Todd A. Gelineau, General Deputy

  MARCH 3, 2012 --

Inspection season is just about upon us and the Deputies will be in contact with each Grange to set up their respective schedules.  They will be sending out letters to confirm the inspection dates and to remind Granges of what is required on inspection night.  It is important to provide all Grange records including minutes book, dues records, checkbooks, passbooks, orders on Treasurer, Treasurer’s receipts, etc. for the Deputy to review.

While reports from the various Standing Committees are not required, the Deputies will be paying particular attention to the reports given during the meeting on the night of inspection and will be looking for committee activity in the Grange minutes.

NEW FOR 2012:  ALL LECTURERS are asked to provide their records for review on the night of inspection.  This can be accomplished by providing copies of the reports filed with the State Lecturer or can also be more comprehensive with more detailed materials from the programs provided during the year.

Secretaries can get a good “jump” on the process by reviewing the inspection reports provided in the center of the new State Grange Blue Books.  It will be a great help to the Deputy if answers are already provided for questions in Section C and Additional Information (Community Granges) and Sections E, F and Additional Information (Pomona Granges).  The Blue Book copy of the inspection report can be used as a worksheet.  This information will be transferred by the Deputy to the official inspection report provided by him/her on the night of inspection.  Please remember to have a copy of your Executive Committee Report for 2011 as well.  No inspections will be considered complete until it is completed, signed and filed with the General Deputy.

The Deputies’ Ritual Challenge is also part of this year’s inspection process.  Instead of having Granges opt in or out of the program, all Granges are automatically entered!  The Deputy will score the opening and closing of the Grange based on the criteria provided in the same inspection report form mentioned above.

Finally, I would like to thank all Granges for working with the State Master, your Deputy and me to ensure the Schools of Instruction were scheduled and went so smoothly throughout the State.  We consider these schools a starting point.  Granges are encouraged to contact the Deputies or me to get additional instruction or help, if needed.  We are more than happy to work with any Grange... all you have to do is ask!


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