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Membership News
Gentle Reminders

By Joan Perry, Membership Director

  JANUARY 3, 2012 --

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.  I think that we have to work very hard to retain these new members that Granges are bringing into our organization.  Not only do we have to listen to their ideas, we have to make sure that we do not become over critical of them.

Some times we have to remember that they many times learn by example.  If they hold an office, such as an Assistant Steward, because they are the most mobile in a meeting, don’t criticize their movements during a meeting.

One thing, you are wrong to speak out during a meeting without being recognized and it embarasses the person besides.  Many new members, and some old members who may be new to the office, would rather not come than be critized all the time.  Watch your tone of voice and your attitude when you speak.  Don’t make it a big issue.  Accept the new ideas and let them try them but, remember to help them as much as you can.  It’s much nicer to be friends than to make your new members, and some old members, not want to be part of our organization.

Think before you speak.  We have a unique organization in that it spans many ages and we CAN work together, but we have to work at it.  ‘Til next month, hope to see you around.


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