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Deputies' Corner
News from the Deputy Team - December 2011

By Todd A. Gelineau, General Deputy

  DECEMBER 3, 2011 --

Early in October a letter went out to all Granges regarding Executive Committee Reports.  We would remind all Granges that E.C. Reports should now be submitted to the General Deputy, NOT to the State Secretary to allow for verification before it is filed with the State Grange.  Unless you are on a different fiscal cycle, the reports are due by Dec. 31.

The Deputies Ritual Challenge will involve the opening & closing of the Grange this year and you are already entered!  All Granges will be scored by the Deputy when your inspection is conducted this year... so you have nothing additional to do!

Schools of Instruction will be getting underway soon and we encourage all members to attend one of these meetings to learn more about the ritual and how to present it properly.

Happy Holidays to all!


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