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Membership News
A new membership tool now available ...

By Joan Perry, Membership Director

  DECEMBER 3, 2011 --

Hi, I want everyone to know that we now have available to all Granges, a small poster that can be used to list people and their occupations.  This tool can be used to hang in your hall or it could also be used as a poster when your Grange is having a membership event.  Please, as I have said before, just use the person’s first name to honor any privacy issues.  I think that it should prove interesting to all active members, to see the diversified occupations that are in the Grange.  We have more posters if you need them.

Our job is not only to get new members, but to keep the members that we already have.  Let’s be good neighbors to all of our Grange members.  The Grange cannot grow if we can’t get along with the members in our own Grange.  The Grange can’t survive if we don’t work together instead of pulling in different directions.  Remember, we can all agree to disagree sometimes.  It doesn’t mean any of us is wrong.

If anyone has ideas to use for membership, please email them to me or call me at 860-928-4229 or e-mail at membership@ctstategrange.org.  I’d love to hear from you.

I want to wish each and every one of you a festive holiday season with my best wishes.


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