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Deputies' Corner
News from the Deputy Team - November 2011

By Todd Gelineau, General Deputy

  NOVEMBER 3, 2011 --

It was my pleasure to present the awards for the first Deputies’ Ritual Challenge at State Session.  Congratulations go to Redding Grange for placing first.  Look for an announcement soon when arrangements are made for the special meeting to be conducted by the officers of the Connecticut State Grange at one of their meetings.  It should be a great event both for Redding and the State Grange.  Watertown and Winchester Granges placed second and Hemlock received third in the contest.  We thank all Granges for participating in the Challenge.  The goal truly was not to receive an award but to learn more about the ritual.

Every Grange will participate in the 2012 Challenge which will involve the opening and closing of the Grange.  The deputies will automatically score each Grange, so you have nothing to do other than your best.

A letter went out to all Secretaries early in October announcing a change in the filing requirements for the annual Executive Committee reports.  Starting with the report due Dec. 31, 2011, all reports should be filed directly with the General Deputy, rather than with the State Secretary.  In the past we have waited to review these reports until inspection season, and then it becomes difficult to make changes.  Under this new system, the General Deputy will review the reports and request changes/corrections (if necessary) before filing with the State Secretary.  If all is correct, the reports will be forwarded by the G.D. to the State Secretary.  A copy of this report is still required on inspection night.


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