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President's Ponderings: Working for Broadband Access

By Edward Luttrell - President's Ponderings Blog (9/23/11)

  SEPTEMBER 26, 2011 --

On the third and fourth of October, the National Grange has the opportunity to partner with the U.S. Cattlemen’s Association and other rural partners to sponsor a Fly-In in D.C. to advocate for broadband build out. 

There is currently a lot going on in the broadband arena. Proposed mergers and changes to the Universal Service Fund are the major concerns today and both will expedite broadband in rural and non-contiguous areas, which have currently had little if any broadband choice or affordable service.

The Grange has a long history of advocating for rural infrastructure. First we worked for affordable access to railroads, then highway improvement, rural electrification, telephone access and today continue to demand high speed internet access.

The “America’s Broadband Connectivity Plan” presents a balanced approach to changing the focus from telephone to broadband in utilizing the Universal Service Fund without disrupting existing phone service. The Grange is supporting this change along with many of our partners. 

Not having access to affordable broadband has dramatic impact to rural America. Small business, farms and ranches, and anyone wanting to be connected to real-time American society depends upon being able to use the internet and dial-up doesn’t meet the need.

The Grange has a history of not just advocating, but showing up and working within the system to make a difference. It is a pleasure to be working with the U.S. Cattlemen and our rural coalition on the broadband issue as our organizations share a deep love, concern, and dedication to a competitive rural America.

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