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Junior Grangers ready for 2011 Convention

By Diane Szkutak, National Grange Junior Director (The New Grange, July/August 2011)

  AUGUST 29, 2011 --

We have lots of great activities planned for this convention. So this is a cannot miss event. Junior activities will kick off on Thursday with lots of fun activities in the Junior Room. We will have games, crafts, tours and more planned for our Juniors.

On Thursday afternoon, we will be doing some get acquainted games. When you leave at the end of Session, you will have gained new friends from other states. Also on Thursday evening we are having a pizza party with the youth. Depending on the pool hours, we might add a pool party onto this day.

Friday morning the Juniors will be attending the opening of the National Grange. We will be presenting a short presentation which will surely have lots of surprises for all. After the presentation we will go back to the Junior room where we will be participating in a community service project provided by the Oklahoma Junior Director. 

Friday afternoon we are planning a tour to get out and see the Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum. So make sure to get your tickets to attend.

As always the Juniors are encouraged to attend the Evening of Excellence program which showcases all our wonderful talented Grange members.

Saturday morning starts off with a bang with the Junior Grange Breakfast. We will honor all the Super JG Winners and in addition, it is a time to thank those that have made significant contributions to the Junior Grange Program.

On Saturday afternoon we will have activities going on in the Junior Room. We will also be doing the Junior Degree with the help of the Juniors from one of our host states. If you would like to be part of it, please let someone know that morning. 

Saturday afternoon activities will include the finishing of the Community Service Project so that it can be given to some special people. Also, if you have participated in all of the activities above you will have earned JG dollars. We will be hosting a big JG Auction and you will be able to use them for wonderful prizes that will be donated from the host states. 

As you can see, you surely will not want to miss Convention. So make sure you make plans to attend now. Bring your cowboy hats and boots and lets kick up some fun.



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