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Public Relations News
The Importance of Grange Branding

By Terri Fassio and Robert Charbonneau, Public Relations Co-Directors

  JULY 2, 2011 --

When you see the distinctive golden arches on television, in the newspaper, on a billboard, on a sign, or on the building itself, you immediately know the arches are a symbol for McDonald’s. McDonald’s is one of the most recognizable brands in the world.

What is Branding?

Branding is the creation of a unique identity. The purpose of a brand is to create a unique personality or identity for the audience so that an organization can more easily communicate its message and be heard. Branding is not simply the development of a graphic element or logo although a logo is part of the process. Branding is the comprehensive development of the identity of an organization.

The Grange is a Brand

Branding for the Grange is the process of creating a clear, consistent and unique message about the organization, so that when people see the Grange logo or hear the word “Grange,” they’ll think of the organization’s mission and programs in terms defined by the organization itself.

Grange Branding in Connecticut

Branding of the Grange in Connecticut is taken very seriously, and we have established a number of procedures and guidelines accordingly.  We have issued @CTStateGrange.org e-mail addresses to all State Officers and Committee heads.  We have also issued @CTStateGrange.org e-mail addresses to each Community Grange.  These were distributed in the Public Relations packets at State Session last October.  It is in the best interest with the communications of the State Grange and Community Granges to handle e-mail as if the Grange was a business or corporation.   

Using an e-mail address that ends in @CTStateGrange.org not only looks professional, but supports the branding and identity of the Grange through name reinforcement.   When a person sends out a “Grange” e-mail to say, their State Representative, a newspaper editor, the Farm Bureau, etc., it looks more professional coming from President@CTStateGrange.org or Winchester@CTStateGrange.org than it does from hotlips@yahoo.com  (I know the yahoo e-mail is an extreme example, but we actually do have some folks who have similar style e-mail addresses and use it for official Grange business.)

Benefits of Branding your Community Grange

• Branding helps audiences cut through the clutter by providing a clear, concise identity for your Grange.

• Audiences like brands since they create easy identification, which lends itself to the development of loyalty.

• Marketing and communications are easier and more effective because messaging is consistent and supported by the implicit message of the brand.

How Can I Help To Brand My Grange?

•  Use an official Grange Seal on all correspondence, posters, and promotional materials for your Grange.  Each Grange has a CD in their Public Relations Packet which contains the official logos ready for use.  Due to trademark restrictions, only the official Grange seals should be used.

• Use an official Grange e-mail address for all correspondence.  

• Always supply official contact information when marketing your Grange, such as address and phone number.  Do not use your personal information.  When in doubt, use the address and phone number of the State Grange Central Office.

•  Use your Grange Name everywhere.  Posters, flyers, correspondence, hand-outs, and other promotional materials.  Consistency is important.

The more consistency the Grange uses when marketing itself and establishing itself as a brand, the more visibility the Grange creates, thus the more positive community support it will attract, the more pride the membership will have in the organization, and ultimately the more members it will gain. It’s a simple formula.


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