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The Social Connection
Special Thanks and Planning Ahead

By Joanne Cipriano, Social Connection Committee

  JUNE 2, 2011 --

Our first event was a real success thanks to all of you who attended and the many that help us in the preparation.  Special thanks to Barbara Robert for all she did.  All those delicious cupcakes were made by Barbara.  Thanks also to Betty Jane Gardiner, Eloise Osuch, Cindy and Ray Legg, Michele and Rich Bernhardt, Jane and Ruel Miller, Marge and Carl Bernhardt, Linea Erickson, Maggie Schofield, Dorothy Fairchild, Randy Miller, Ted Beebe, Jody Cameron and Cheshire and Beacon Valley Granges for the use of their halls.  The play “The Missing Emeralds” was written by Nancy Weissmuller who was also the leading lady.  To all who took part in it our special thanks.  You did a good job learning your parts.

Plans are now progressing for our next event – A Pomona Competitive Night.  This will be held on Saturday – September 17th at the Prospect Senior Center.  The Pomona Lecturers have been asked to assist.  We need a five member team from each Pomona.  One member of each team to competing in: Cooking, Sports, Music, Grange and Luck.  The evening will start with a pot luck supper at 6 o’clock followed by the competition.  Mark your calendar and plan to be there.

So that we do not plan all our activities in the same area, we are looking for halls that can accommodate a large group.  Please let me know if you know of such a place.


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