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President's Ponderings: Connecticut FFA Experience

By Edward Luttrell - President's Ponderings Blog (5/26/11)

  MAY 27, 2011 --

I spent last Saturday at the State Association meeting of the Connecticut FFA. Wow! It has been a few years since I attended a FFA State Session and it was just as powerful as I remember.

When viewed through the eyes of young people like those FFA members, I have no fear for the future of our nation. They were respectful, courteous, enthusiastic, and so talented. Speakers and proficiency winners alike showed the training that these young people get and the commitment they make to excel in the areas they choose to compete in. 

The leadership of Victor Salazar, the 2010-11 President and the State FFA officer team was evident throughout the day. I was especially proud as Victor is also one of our young Grange leaders in addition to his duties as an FFA leader.

I talked with at least six FFA members who came up to me and asked many questions about the Grange during the day. I saw the Connecticut State Grange table surrounded with FFA members asking questions and taking brochures and other materials. These young people were interested in our organization because we have things that they need and want.

It is great to see that the FFA has remained true to its principles of teaching young people skills critical to their future. While some of the contests are quite different from the ones I remember in the 70’s, the FFA members of today have the same drive and intensity as members did back when I was proudly wearing that blue jacket.

I’d urge every Grange to find a way to support their local FFA Chapter or to advocate for the creation of the program in their school district. These FFA members are the ones who will join your Grange and there refine the skills they’ve learned. In the process, they will improve your Grange and community!

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