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National Grange announces Team Speak schedule

By The New Grange (March/April 2011)

  MAY 24, 2011 --

The National Grange has announced it's upcoming TeamSpeak schedule through the end of the year.  TeamSpeak is for one hour on the last Thursday at 8 p.m. Eastern and 8 p.m. Pacific. Topics are subject to change.

May 26: The role of Legislative Committees and Resolutions

June 30: How to Improve Your Leadership

July 28: What does Fraternal Mean to You?

August 25: How to Reach out to the Community

September 29: Why attend Pomona or State Grange?

October 27: The Benefits/Costs for Having Youth Involved

November 24: None due to Thanksgiving

December 29: Purpose of a Grange Meeting 

For more information on TeamSpeak, visit the National Grange Website:  http://www.nationalgrange.org/departments/Teamspeak/TeamSpeakConf.htm


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