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Membership Minute: Five Star Teams

By Rusty Hunt, National Leadership/Membership Director (The New Grange March/April 2011)

  MAY 14, 2011 --

Effective teams understand that teamwork is a behavioral issue. Team members recognize that their success is inextricably linked with one another, and they act accordingly. And so must you! But there are effective teams and then there are “FIVE STAR” teams – the best of the best. What separates them? The answer is Commitment. 

More precisely, it’s five commitments. And they are: 

1. Be committed to EACH OTHER 

All Five Star teams are committed to each other. They take care of one another and look out for other team members by protecting each other from attacks by non-team members. Team members care about each other; their health and well being and are willing to cover for a sick or ailing member. Teams work on their personal relationship with each other knowing that the closer they get to each other the better they will work together. 

2. Be committed to the MISSION 

The mission is worked on by the entire team. The whole team had input into the mission, giving each team member ownership. Having ownership in the mission gives each team member reason to commit to the mission. 

3. Be committed to the CUSTOMER 

In the Grange, our customers are the members. Whether we are working to revitalize a Grange or working with individual leaders, we make it all about them. When I am working with a Grange, I let them pick the dates, times, and where the next meeting is going to be held. It is not about what works for my schedule-it is what works for theirs! After all, it is their Grange the team is trying to help. If it is all about an individual, it is easier because you only have to get the attention of one or two others. By making it all about them, the member will get the feeling we are serious and they will open up and respect our opinions more. 

4. Be committed to RESOLVING CONFLICTS 

Always resolve conflicts quickly and positively. Don’t let them go on very long or both sides will grow apart. There will always be those that like to fight and/or like to stir things up. For those individuals, we just ask them not to join us. For all the rest, we take them seriously from the start and don’t quit working on their conflicts until we have them resolved. This will show others that we have “stick to it” in our blood and that we care. 

5. Be committed to the DETAIL 

The great teams make a plan and pay close attention to detail. They strive for perfection. When the plan turns to action, the team works to follow every detail. After the team is finished, they always get together to talk about what just happened, what went wrong, what went right, and what the team needs to change before the next time. 

There are a lot of good Grangers out there that are willing to be a part of a team. We as leaders need to ask and give them the opportunity. There are teams forming all around the country. We as leaders need to make sure we share with them our vision and direction and give them work to do. By creating teams and letting those teams work for the Grange, the leader’s job becomes easier because we can share the load and let these folks have the opportunity to show their commitment and be on a Five Star Team! 


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