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Agriculture / Conservation News
Meet the members of the Agriculture Committee

By Jon Russell, Agriculture Director

  MAY 2, 2011 --

MAGGIE BUCK - Prior to my husband, Rob, and my purchase of a horse boarding and lesson barn, I had taken care of a small number of horses. Like most owners I thought my horses had unique and interesting personalities and they did. What I have learned since then, is how varied a horse’s personality can be. One of the most fun to watch has been a belgian draft horse named Plow. He is a very wide body animal that likes to eat and is always concerned about where the hay lady is. He has complained loudly upon seeing me get into a car to leave the property and always calls for food service upon my return. He also likes to get a shower in the summer when the sun is hot. He will ask nicely a few times, but if the hose doesn’t come out fast enough, he will promptly turn over his water trough as if to say “now you don’t have a choice about bringing the hose out”. Once the water is running he will twirl around under it very nicely like any young child in the sprinkler system. Horse boarding has its ups and downs though: this very nice horse has moved out for this summer as someone offered his owner a half acre grass paddock for him which is something we don’t have. Hopefully he will be back in the fall.

TED POWELL - I started off showing swine for my grandfather at the age of 5 . I was a 4h leader for 14 years, my kids farm name was Avonlea Farm and we show swine, goats, cows, sheep, rabbits, and chickens . As a kid I worked on a dairy farm and poultry farm, I work now on the largest pheasant farm in New England and have been there for 20 years. I also work heavily in the fair industry. 

ROBERT MINER – I grew up on a Dairy Farm and have always enjoyed the lifestyle. I am in a partnership with my uncle on a Dairy farm with around 100 head of cattle. I received the CT State Grange Outstanding Young Farmer Award in 1997. I live in North Stonington with my Wife, Cheree and my son Jason. I am happy to serve on the CT State Grange Agriculture Committee.

JONATHAN HERMONOT - I have a strong passion for agriculture and am excited about what the future holds.  Growing up on my parent’s dairy farm I learned the value of hard work at a young age.  When I was in high school I partnered with my family and we started Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm. In our farm store we specialize in selling pastured raised turkeys, homemade ice cream, and fresh meats, along with other locally grown products.  In the last couple years we have grown our farm by adding a corn maze and promoting a CSA program.  I graduated from the University of Connecticut with an Associate’s degree in animal science and a Bachelors’ degree in Agriculture and resource economics. From there I started working at Maple Lane Farms/Connecticut Currant which is a diversified farm.  We specialize in growing Black Currants, hydroponic lettuce and cut your own Christmas trees. I manage the bottling plant where we bottle our own black currant juice.  Finally my fiancé and her family have a dairy farm where I enjoy giving a helping hand! Being involved in different aspects of agriculture I’ve learned that the most successful farms are progress and forward thinking!

JON RUSSELL – I have been involved in Agriculture my whole life and seem to be drawn to it. I worked on a Dairy Farm in the Northwest corner throughout High School and College. I went to school for Agriculture and Natural Resources and received a Bachelors from The University of Connecticut. I have since started The Online Greenhouse -a business selling garden supplies online and through a catalog, go to www.TheOnlineGreenhouse.com to request a catalog. My goal is to help people grow their gardens more sustainably by offering environmentally friendly and organic products that are all made locally in the Northeast United States. I have had the great pleasure of working with such a diverse committee and welcome all members suggestions and concerns for agriculture in the state of Connecticut.


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