Saturday, February 22, 2020
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The Social Connection
It's a Mystery ...

By Joanne Cipriano, Social Connection

  APRIL 2, 2011 --

Can’t believe it is time for our first event – our Mystery Dinner.  From all reports members have been talking about it and advertising it for us.  

We thank the Connecticut Granger for all their help.  As of this writing is too early to tell how many tickets have been sold.  Returns are not due back to me until April 16th.

Applications for the “Granger of the Year” Contest have been mailed.  We hope every Grange will nominate someone.  We all have a Granger that we are proud and happy that they are a member of our Grange. 



Easter Egg Basket Cake – Make you favorite or box mix and divide it in two round pans.  Cook and cool.  Cut the center from one of the cakes.  Put together with some frosting.  Now frost the whole cake except the center.  Color some Coconut with some green coloring and put in the center for Easter grass.  Fill with jelly beans or some colorful candies or whatever you like.  For a handle use a licorice stick or rolled foil.



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