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Deputies' Corner
News from the Deputy Team - February 2011

By Todd Gelineau, General Deputy

  MARCH 2, 2011 --

The State Master has covered many of the topics that would normally be covered in this column.  Please read his article very carefully.  Brother Cameron is not prone to exaggeration.  Problems with Granges not meeting properly are all too many.  Not too long ago it was the norm for most Granges to meet twice a month.  Over time, many Granges opted to meet once a month.  By doing so, they have assumed responsibility for the complications that arise when open meetings, special events and weather make that one meeting difficult.

Deputies are receiving questions from many members regarding the proper way to meet when a Grange plans on having an open meeting or other special program rather than having a regular business meeting.  Granges are permitted to open, close and conduct business in the presence of non-members.  However, we discourage the same non-member (prospective members) from attending more than a couple of meetings this way.  Having the ability to do this, Granges can easily conduct whatever business is necessary and shorten the reports and other non-essential business to allow for a special program or activity.

If it is not possible to hold a meeting on a particular meeting night, the Grange should hold a special meeting to satisfy the meeting requirement for the month.  A special meeting may be called on any day that is convenient, as long as proper notice is given to the membership.

We know that this may be more difficult but the Digest is very clear on this matter.  Please feel free to contact me or your Deputy if you have any questions.

Our thanks go to all of the Granges that have worked with us to schedule, re-schedule, and in some cases re-schedule Schools of Instruction.  The weather wreaked havoc on our original schedule and we should be done with the Schools sometime in the Spring--- whenever that is!

Inspections are just around the corner and we have a few tips for you to remember:  (1)  Please review the Inspection Report form included in the current edition of the Blue Book.  Please try to answer as many of the questions on the back of the form as you can.  This will help the Deputy greatly.  (2)  Please gather the necessary financial information requested on the back of the Subordinate forms (a separate form will be sent to each of the Pomonas).  (3)  Please be sure to have your Executive Committee report COMPLETE and FILED WITH THE STATE SECRETARY prior to the night of inspection (preferably by the December 31 deadline).  Please have a copy of this report on the night of inspection for the Deputy.  Inspections will not be considered complete until a copy is furnished for the Deputy.


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