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President's Ponderings: Small Steps to Fiscal Responsiblity

By Edward Luttrell - President's Ponderings Blog (2/3/11)

  FEBRUARY 4, 2011 --

On Tuesday, February 1, the Senate Appropriations Committee announced a two year moratorium on earmarks. Last week, the House passed H.R.359 which if passed in the Senate and signed by the President would end the Presidential Campaign Fund.

Neither of these actions will make a huge difference in our Federal deficit, but they are both small steps toward the goal. Up until two years ago, we were increasing spending in small steps and if Congress starts making the small steps in the other direction regularly it will be a positive move.

I've already heard Senators and Representatives talking in opposition to these actions and they need to hear from every taxpayer. Reducing the deficit will take effort, hard choices, and discipline. If we make the question one of, "Does it do good" we will never reducing Federal spending. No matter what the spending is on, someone thinks it is important. We must remember that we cannot spend money we don't have.

I congratulate both the House and Senate for taking the first of many small steps in cutting runaway spending. I also urge every citizen to keep the pressure on Congress so that we can start taking bigger steps in the future.

The actions of thousands of Granges across the county should serve as a living example of living within your means.


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