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A rising tide raises all boats

By Jeff Barnes, State Grange Overseer / Vice President

  FEBRUARY 6, 2011 --

“A rising tide raises all boats.” I really like this old saying because it’s a very simple act of nature, but it can apply to so many things in life. One improvement raises the value of all things around it, a positive outlook influences positive change, one success encourages more successes. You see what I mean.

A growing Grange membership is like a rising tide. The Grange Growth program is about to get underway and the object is to rejuvenate existing Granges and to re-organize Granges in towns where a successful Grange had once existed. The tide is about to turn. Our membership is starting on a upwards swing. The several subordinate Granges who have been regularly initiating new members raise the hopes of all the Granges in our state by proving it can easily be done.

I’m sure no one will claim that Grange Growth is not long overdue. The tide has been going out for so long the shore is drying up. A growing membership brings life into the Community Grange. The quality of the business meeting is improved by more discussion and ideas. The Lecturer can develop more entertaining programs with more people taking part. It’s just more fun!

An increasing dues revenue is a benefit that makes more ambitious Community Service projects possible, and there are more volunteers to help carry them out. This improves our image to the public. To ourselves it improves our outlook and pride.

To the Granges who are already growing I ask you to share your successes and good ideas with all of us. Take full credit for your accomplishments. We are all encouraged by you. Let’s remember our State Master’s goal of one new member per month per Grange. It’s not impossible. A growing Grange raises all possibilities, well into the future. The only direction is up.


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