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Deputies' Corner
There are spies among us!

By Todd Gelineau, General Deputy

  FEBRUARY 2, 2011 --

January will go down in the records as the “Lost Month.”  I don’t remember a time when so many Grange meetings and activities have had to be cancelled/postponed.  My thanks and appreciation go to the Deputy Team for their perseverance throughout this winter.

“There are spies among us!”  –  I have heard the criticism that the deputies are “spies” for the State Master.  This is partly true!  The deputies are the “eyes and ears of the State Master.”  It is their job to be aware of the condition of the Granges within their jurisdictions and report to the State Master.  This does not mean they are out to find fault and “tattle.”  Rather, they have been trained to evaluate the conditions of Granges, to offer assistance whenever they can and to recognize the good things that our Granges do.  Your deputies are a resource and are here to help.

The Schools of Instructions are underway-- and some have actually been held, despite the best efforts of Mother Nature!  The deputies are asked to fill out an evaluation form following each School to give us an idea of what Granges are concerned about and what information might be beneficial in the future.

There are no “Snow Days” in the Grange!  –  The Deputies are getting many questions about the new Honor Grange requirement for at least one meeting per month.  This actually is not new.  The National Grange has always required all Subordinate/Community Granges to meet at least once a month.

Somewhere along the line some Granges have developed the custom of shutting down for the summer and either holding an informal picnic or no gathering at all until the fall.  It is okay to hold a brief (legal) meeting to take care of any business that needs to be transacted and to provide time for a picnic or other activity.  It’s not okay to take the month off with no meeting at all.

Weather cancellations also do not excuse Granges from meeting during a calendar month.  If one or both of the planned meetings have been canceled, Granges are still required to call a special meeting (however short, but legal) to transact business properly and satisfy their meeting requirement for the month.

It may seem like a hard line on this subject but the Digest is very clear on this issue and attempts to modify the requirement through resolution have always been defeated at the National level.

I am pleased to hear so many Granges are planning on entering the Deputies’ Ritual Challenge.  Remember to have fun as you brush up on this important part of our ritual.

You are always welcome to contact me or any of the deputies if you have questions or need any kind of assistance.  We are here for you!


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