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President's Ponderings: Planning for the New Year

By Edward Luttrell - President's Ponderings Blog (1/4/11)

  JANUARY 5, 2011 --

I hope that every Grange has made plans for 2011. This is a new year and it should be treated as a clean slate. It doesn't matter what went wrong or if there were failures last year. We learn from our experiences and then we create the future we want.

Planning is critical for all Granges. There are several steps each should take. You should have plans for the activities, events, and fund-raisers for the year. Your Grange should also consider a plan to help each member grow in leadership ability.

First the Grange should adopt an idea. Second a team or committee should be appointed to formulate all the details of a plan. Third, either the Grange should adopt the complete plan, or the team should give a complete report to the Grange. This would depend upon how the Grange adopted the idea. Fourth, implement the plan.

The last part of planning is to ensure that evaluation is done during and after the policy. After all, we need to learn from each experience if we are go grow and do better next time.

The reason that planning is so important that without plans we seldom try new things, or even improve the things we usually do. In the Grange, planning is an essential part of each year. It is never too late to start making plans!


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