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National Grange a Right to Repair Act Supporter

By Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association Press Release

  JANUARY 16, 2011 --

As the 112th Congress convenes, members of Congress have an opportunity to take bipartisan action that would have a positive outcome for every American who owns and operates a car, truck, motorcycle or other motor vehicle.  Passage of the Motor Vehicle Owners' Right to Repair Act would ensure that vehicle owners have a choice of where they bring their vehicle for repairs, ensuring that vehicle repair is affordable and convenient for all Americans, according to the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA).  

"We want to congratulate those who will be taking the oath of office as members of the 112th Congress and urge them to take up the Right to Repair Act immediately to demonstrate their ability to work together on behalf of the American people," saidKathleen Schmatz, president and CEO of AAIA.  "A wide variety of constituencies have come out in support of the Right to Repair Act including those representing the military and their families, senior citizens, motorcycle riders, recyclers and organizations representing consumers and rural communities. Consumers benefit from competition and these groups know that their members are at a disadvantage when neighborhood auto repair shops are denied ready access to non-proprietary service information and tools needed to properly maintain today's highly sophisticated motor vehicles."

State and national consumer and industry organizations representing millions of Americans support passage of the Right to Repair Act including the Automobile Association of America (AAA), American Military Society, National Grange, Automotive Recyclers Association, Consumer Electronics Association, Engine Repower Council, Motorcycle Riders Foundation, RetireSafe and 60 Plus.

"Motoring consumers nationwide are looking to their members of Congress to protect their right to safe, affordable vehicle repair by cosponsoring and voting for the Right to Repair Act," said Ray Pohlman, president of the Coalition for Auto Repair Equality (CARE).  "The enthusiastic grassroots support of Right to Repair continues to gain momentum and sends a strong message to Congress that motoring consumers want this issue heard, cosponsored and passed. Tens of thousands of consumers have sent emails and letters of support to their elected officials requesting passage of Right to Repair and thousands have joined the rapidly growing social media community to join the conversation and follow the legislative developments."

About Right to Repair:

The Motor Vehicle Owners' Right to Repair Act protects motoring consumers from a growing and potentially hazardous vehicle repair monopoly by requiring that vehicle manufacturers provide full access at a reasonable cost to all non-proprietary service information, tools and safety-related bulletins needed to repair motor vehicles. The legislation provides car companies with strong protections for their trade secrets, only requiring them to make available the same diagnostic and repair information they provide their franchised dealers to the independent vehicle repair market.  For more information about the Right to Repair Act, visit www.righttorepair.org.


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