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Deputies' Corner
News from the Deputy Team - January 2011

By Todd Gelineau, General Deputy

  JANUARY 3, 2011 --

Schools of Instruction in each of our Granges have begun and will continue through the winter and early spring.  This program was designed to allow members of all Granges the opportunity to ask questions and learn first-hand about all of the opportunities and programs the State Grange has to offer for our ultimate goal of Grange Growth in Connecticut.  The Deputies are making an exceptional effort to work with each and every Grange within their jurisdictions to ensure they are informed and are given every advantage for Grange Growth.  Please feel free to let your Deputy, the State Master or myself know your opinions about the new Schools of Instruction.  We need this information to improve for the future.

Your Deputy will be presenting a new program called the Deputies Ritual Challenge.  The challenge this year will center on the Flag Presentation.  It is our hope that all Granges will enter the contest regardless of how good or bad they might THINK they are at the presentation.  We know there are many Granges that do not do it on a regular basis for many reasons.  Please keep in mind that the group of officers doing the presentation for the Deputy DO NOT have to be the elected officers in the positions of Ceres, Assistant Steward, Lady Assistant Steward and Steward.  They can be a hand-picked team of officers put together just for the purpose of exemplifying the presentation for the Deputy.

What is really important about this Challenge is the opportunity it gives each of us to improve on the ritual by clearing the cobwebs and working on the finer points to make the Flag Presentation as impressive as it should be.  So give it a try and have fun with it.  I have witnessed Granges working with their Deputy on the presentation (Granges that don’t necessarily do it on a regular basis or at all) and they genuinely want to “re-learn” the ritual involved and are having fun.  I would love to report at the next State Session that all 58 Granges participated.  Good luck!


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