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National Grange Blog: The Sky's the Limit...or Not

By Grace Boatright, National Grange Blog (12/15/10)

  DECEMBER 20, 2010 --

When did $250,000 become the official benchmark for being considered wealthy? I only ask because, according to a certain Congressional group, an income of $250,000 and higher immediately disqualifies one for any and all financial breaks. The current Congress, in an attempt to stand the ground rapidly crumbling beneath them, is dragging their feet to pass Obama’s new deal with Republicans to extend the Bush tax cuts for all income levels. They insist that those making $250,000 are somehow undeserving of the right to keep their money. 

It would seem to me that punishing those who’ve achieved wealth and prosperity would discourage others from attempting to achieve the same. And what a glorious message that sends to kids. “You can achieve anything you want in life…as long as it doesn’t exceed $250,000.” Yeah, try telling a 12-year-old that and watch the confusion spread across their face. It sounds ridiculous but it’s true. Why should anyone aspire to great things if their hard work is to be taxed down to nothing? Not much incentive there. 

Come on guys, I know most of us are struggling in a down economy, but punishing those who’ve done well in life is not the way to go. Images of Enron and Fannie Mae are easily mustered when we begin to speak about tax breaks for the wealthy, but let’s remember that not all of the rich and affluent have become so through dishonest means. Let’s also not forget that taxing the citizenry is not the only way for the government to generate income. It’s just the most abused and uncreative. Congress needs to wake up, think outside the box, and realize that people can and will only take so much. I just wonder where the threshold of “so much” lies exactly. Apparently beyond $250,000 for now. 


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