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President's Ponderings: Community and The Grange

By Edward Luttrell - President's Ponderings Blog (12/3/10)

  DECEMBER 4, 2010 --

In my Internal Report one of the sections was about the community and the importance of our organization to the community.

"The community is truly the base upon which our great nation was founded and is fundamental in why we have achieved so much. The founders of our Order knew that to improve the lot of the American farmer and their family, the community must remain the keystone of our Order. National and State efforts would only be successful when the local communities saw the strength in unity.

"There are only a handful of organizations with more local units than the Grange and there are fewer still that give the local unit as much authority as our Order gives the Community Grange. Since early in our history we have opened wide the doors of Grange membership to the entire family. For over a century we have welcomed those who were not farmers and today welcome all of good character. The importance of starting new Granges to benefit communities cannot be understated. It is my belief that we are on the brink of expanding into several new states and our goal must continue to be that we have a State Grange in every State in our great nation.

"Looking back at the history of our Order, we should feel proud that we’ve also had a profound influence throughout the world. Meeting in September with the participants and children of participants of the Germany/USA Friendship program demonstrated to me the power that the simple exchange of opening our arms and hearts to others can have. The Germany/USA program existed for about six years and yet 60 years later the participants still gather to share memories and update each other about their lives. For those participants one year of exchange became a lifetime of friendship and family.

"Looking around the world at the problems of fear, poverty, and even survival facing so many nations, it is time that our members once again consider opening their doors and hearts to share our hopes and optimism with others. I would suggest that when opportunities to share the unique dynamics of our organization and our members are presented, we take the challenge and show others around the world that Americans want to help them find lasting solutions."

The Grange has served American communities for the past 143 years and we will continue to serve and benefit them far into the future. If you want to know more about how a Grange can help your community, go to www.NationalGrange.org and learn how easy it is to start a Grange in your community.


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