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Deputies' Corner
News from the Deputy Team - December 2010

By Todd Gelineau, General Deputy

  DECEMBER 4, 2010 --

The 11 new Deputy State Masters, along with the State Master, Secretary and Overseer met at Cheshire Grange on November 20 for a day-long Deputy School.  The team is now ready to begin serving the members and Granges of the CT State Grange.

As December 31 is coming up very soon, we need to remind all Granges the Executive Committee Reports are due in at the Central Office by this date.  Over the last several years Granges have become lax in getting their reports in by this date and have taken until their Inspection date or later to get it done... and sometimes not at all.  Your inspection will not be considered complete until your Executive Committee Report has been placed on file with the State Secretary.  We ask that a copy be provided to the Deputy on the date of your announced Inspection Date, but it is just a copy of the report you filed prior. 

As the Deputies give the Schools of Instruction to each Grange, they will tell you about a new requirement on the inspection sheets.  The State Grange would like to keep a record of where each Grange’s funds are deposited or invested and space to record that information is provided on the new Inspection sheets.  This information is being gathered for the benefit of both the State Grange and the Subordinate/Pomona Granges.  Several situations have occurred recently that have underscored the need for a better record.  In some instances a Treasurer may be the only person in your Grange who knows all of the details of where accounts are and how much money is in them.  Let’s say that person either becomes incapacitated or passes away.  Now the Grange has the difficult task of piecing together the information-- often this involves waiting to see what statements come in the mail.  This problem can be avoided by referring to the inspection reports.  Space is included on the report for the name of the institution, the account number and the current balance.  It’s fine if you prefer not to provide the account number, but please provide the Deputy with the name of the institution and the current balance.

Please let us know if you need us, we are here to help!


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