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National Grange President Delivers Annual Address

By Barbara Covington Jones, National Grange (11/11/10)

  NOVEMBER 18, 2010 --

President of the National Grange Ed Luttrell (Sandy, OR) delivered his annual address to Delegates, Officers, and members attending the 144 th Annual Session, which is being held in Charlotte, NC, November 9-13. He addressed an audience of approximately 500 members.

Luttrell talked about issues that greatly impact our nation, such as: unemployment and underemployment, the fiscal responsibility of our elected officials at each level of the government, and the new industry vocabulary of agriculture: organic, green, permaculture and sustainable. Additionally, he spoke about communication to include finding affordable access to broadband coverage for rural America, the proposed reduction in service by the U.S. Postal Service, seeking solutions to financing the educational system, and developing stronger communities across America.

“Agriculture is changing and it is up to everyone who makes their living from this vital industry to ensure that American citizens understand its realities. Laws, regulation, and market driven record keeping will impact all farmers, ranchers, foresters, and watermen. The Grange believes that community is the essential building block of our great nation. It is time that America considers exporting not just food, machinery, and the concept of our government, but also the time proven ways of communities coming together to make changes.

“The Grange vision is that in every community across our country solutions will be proposed, civil debate will be held with all encouraged to participate, and together we will meet our challenges. The spirit of the Grange remains true to the ideals of the founders of our nation. We are convinced that the future, even with all of its problems, remains bright and full of optimism to eyes that can see the possibilities,” said Luttrell.

Grange Delegates voted on resolutions that addressed these major concerns and the ones which were adopted will become the Grange’s legislative policy for 2011.

Established in 1867, the National Grange is the oldest agricultural and rural community service organization and meets annually to confer the Seventh Degree (the highest Degree of the Order), to develop its legislative policy for the coming year, and to recognize the talents of its members. There are over 200,000 members in 2,700 communities in 40 states throughout the United States.


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