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CT's Prelli National Rep at NYS Grange Session

By New York State Grange Gleaner (10/18/10)

  OCTOBER 21, 2010 --

The officers of the New York State Grange opened the special degree session of the sixth degree after an entrance drill. Each officer was introduced as the marched to their station. Ryan Orton served as the Sixth Degree Master for the occasion.

There were 19 candidates for the degree this year. Jefferson County performed an excellent Rose Drill.

National Grange Executive Committee member, and Connecticut State Grange Past Master and Executive Committee member F. Philip Prelli spoke to the assembly.  He brought greetings from the National Grange.

Prelli expressed his feeling that it is an exciting time to be a Granger. The Grange has a rich history for rural America by its involvement in Cooperative, Insurance Companies, Railroad regulation, Rural Free Delivery, Highway improvements and Broadband service to rural areas.

We continue to have focus in Community Service and Agriculture. Our legislative process is grass roots rather than top down. There are many services and materials available from the National Grange such as Team Speak, Podcasts and The Kelly Farm DVD.

The National Grange Headquarters has celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a celebration. If you were not able to attend, there is a DVD available to share the celebration.  The Grange has been very involved in a campaign to “Save The Grange Name”.

Others have made application to use the Grange name on products, beginning with Tyson Foods. The National Grange has been fighting attempts to use our trademarks at a high cost to the organization. We must protect the trademark, or we may be faced with the situation of not being able to use it ourselves on such things as serving food.

Brother Prelli spoke of new staff members at the National Grange headquarters. Nicole Payla Wood is the new legislative director, Barbara Covington Jones is Communication Director and Grace Boatright is a program assistant. Charlene Schupp-Espenshade has also assumed the duties of Junior Grange as well as the youth department.

He concluded with the Grange Goals and Priorities

A.)  Increase active membership and participation

B.)  Develop new leaders and give them opportunities

C.)  Revitalize Community Granges as a state priority

D.)  New Grange Formation

E.)  Strengthen Family Structure through the youth and Junior Programs

The Grange is not at National or at any state Grange. It exists and survives at the local community Grange level. We can all make a difference.


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