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Deputies' Corner
News from the Deputy Team

By Todd Gelineau, General Deputy

  NOVEMBER 15, 2010 --

First, I would like to thank the Worthy State Master for the honor and privilege of serving the Connecticut State Grange.  I would also like to congratulate each of the new Deputies on their appointments to the Deputy State Master team.  I know each State Master and General Deputy feels they have the best team ever assembled but this team truly is a “dream team” of qualified, dedicated and driven Grange members who are committed to helping to “Grow the Grange.”

The first meeting of the Deputy Team will be held on Saturday, November 20 at Cheshire Grange Hall beginning at 9:00 A.M. for the first Deputy School.  This will be a departure from tradition (something we all will have to get used to during this administration) as it is not tied to any other Pink Sash gathering that day.  It is only intended for the Deputies, State Master and State Overseer and will be an all-day event where detailed information will be given all aspects of being a Deputy.  Following that meeting, the Deputies will be conducting Schools of Instruction in each of the Community Granges throughout the State and will also begin their twice yearly inspection visitations.

Usually a reminder is given prior to State Session for each of the appointed officers to be sure to return their sashes to the State Grange if not attending the convention.  Unfortunately, this notice was not given and we are missing several sashes.  If you are in possession of a sash and have not been reappointed to that position for the new year, please return the sash to the Central Office, the State Master, General Deputy or any of the other Deputies so they may be presented to the new appointees.  We thank you for your help.

Your State Master has promised an aggressive program designed to foster Grange Growth and your Deputies are on the front lines of that effort and are always available to answer any and all questions and to offer any and all help you need to succeed!


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