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National Grange introduces new Staff Members

By New Grange Sept./Oct. 2010

  OCTOBER 15, 2010 --

The following are new staff members at National Grange:

Nicole Palya Wood, Legislative Director:  

My name is Nicole Palya Wood and I have recently taken over for Leroy Watson as Legislative Director, here at the National Grange. For the past 14 years, I have worked in government affairs, serving numerous organizations in Washington, D.C. and in State Legislatures. I am a native Virginian, being born and raised in Alexandria, where I still reside today. As we progress through the next political cycle, I look forward to representing you on the issues currently facing the Grange and its members. Thank you for your ongoing support and I hope to meet you all at the upcoming National Session in Charlotte.

Barbara Covington Jones, Communications Director:

It is an honor to be working as your new Communications Director. I am a former National Grange employee, a 7th Degree member, and a Past Master of Potomac Grange No. 1. From the beginning, working at the National Grange was a natural progression because I grew up in rural America (High Point, North Carolina) and spent many summers on my grandparents’ farm, where I learned the value of hard work, the importance of a strong family, and where food really comes from. I have always worked in information and communications for non-profit organizations in the DC area. And, here at National Grange, we are using the most current and effective methods of communicating with our members and will continue to explore ways of only getting better. I look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s Session.

Grace Boatright, Program Assistant:

My name is Grace Boatright, and I recently became the new Program Assistant here at the National Grange headquarters. I was born and raised in Austin, TX (hook ‘em horns) and moved to Washington DC about 4 months ago. Most people think that Texans wear boots and hats, live in the country, and say “ya’ll” all the time, and I’m proud to conform to this stereotype completely. My family lived in the country my whole life and although I love Washington DC, I can’t wait to get back to the peace of a small town. I recently graduated from Concordia Lutheran University with a BBA concentrated in finance, and am thrilled to begin my career here at the National Grange. Thank you for your continuing support and dedication to the Grange and I hope to meet many of you at the upcoming Convention in Charlotte.


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