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White House Gives Insight on Healthcare Reform

By National Grange View From The Hill (10/4/10)

  OCTOBER 5, 2010 --

The National Grange participated on a conference call hosted by the White House Office of Public Engagement (OPE) on Thursday, September 23rd. The call discussed the six month anniversary of President Obama’s controversial health care reform measure, called the Affordable Care Act, and the implementation of the plan’s first phase.

Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack spoke about the positive affect this measure would have on rural America. The first phase of the Affordable Care Act, deemed the Patient’s Bill of Rights, will ensure that eligible young people can stay on their parent’s health plan until the age of 26, cover many preventative care measures without co-pays or deductibles, and protect children with preexisting conditions from being denied coverage.

The OPE also highlighted “how important it is to have a viable healthcare system in rural areas to attract new businesses and enterprises.” Dr. Mary Wakefield of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) said that the bill will provide $1.5 billion to the National Health Service Core – a branch of HRSA which offers student loan repayment for a healthcare professional’s commitment of two or more years in a rural or underserved community.


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