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Pick Your Own Share of Connecticut's Fall Bounty

By Jim Cameron, Darien Patch (8/26/10)

  SEPTEMBER 1, 2010 --

Nothing says "fall" quite like going apple picking.

But as summer gives way to autumn this year, don't forget the other easy-to-pick fruits like nectarines, peaches, and pears. And pumpkins won't be far behind.

In Connecticut, PYO stands for "pick your own" at a local farm or orchard. Part produce shopping and part farmyard entertainment, PYO offers an afternoon of family fun. You'll come home with a bounty of fresh fruits and maybe some baked goods.

By supporting local farmers, PYO helps prevent Connecticut open space from being sold off for development. The state's agriculture department promotes PYO as "agri-tourism" and publishes a list of Connecticut PYO locations, many within a short drive. (http://www.ct.gov/doag/cwp/view.asp?a=3260&q=399070)


Wherever you go picking, follow this etiquette:

  • Dress appropriately with sturdy shoes (no flip-flops) and long-sleeved shirts to avoid scratching. Wear a hat if it's sunny.
  • Pick only in designated areas. Some trees are roped off for a reason (not ripe).
  • Keep your kids from climbing the trees. It's an orchard, not a playground.
  • Pick each piece gently with a turning motion of the hand. If the fruit is ripe it shouldn't take much effort.
  • If additional fruit falls while picking, pick it up. "Drops" are like wasting good food.
  • When you're checking out and weighing your bounty, 'fess up if you ate more than a piece or two. Remember: this is how farmers make their living!



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