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President's Ponderings: Talking

By Edward Luttrell - President's Ponderings Blog (8/24/10)

  AUGUST 25, 2010 --

This has been an interesting month. It seems that I've been dealing with a number of problems that originate with people not talking to each other.

It is crucial that people talk to each other, especially when one party has some authority. It is never healthy for people or for organizations not to communicate.

It appears that when many people decide that when they are not going to talk to someone else, they also stop listening to them. At that point how do we think we are going to solve the problem?

The next step often is that one or both start complaining or even making accusations to others without talking to the person they need to be talking to. Fairly quickly it becomes a "whose side are you on" situation.

I've seen Granges, churches, and even entire communities divided over issues that started because someone quit talking to someone else. Who wins in these cases? Usually no one wins. Someone may drop a membership or even choose to move out of the area, but did anyone actually win? The sad thing is in these extreme cases, often both feuding parties actually want similar things and they just let things get carried away by not communicating.

People in the Grange have an obligation to help each other. If two people quit talking to each other, others should counsel them to clear the air and find a solution. Those who care about the cause or organization need to show their leadership or they risk losing the things they care about because others are not talking.

It is my experience that as long as people are willing to talk, there is a chance of finding solutions to whatever challenge is facing us. It is when we stop talking and listening that we start to lose.

Let each of us remind ourselves now and again, that we need to talk to others and listen to what they have to say.



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