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Support Local Farmers in Connecticut

By K.A. Breton, The Resident (8/4/10)

  AUGUST 8, 2010 --

If it's one thing Connecticut supports, it is its farmers. We have all seen the green and blue "Connecticut Grown" signs dotting the landscape, promoting Connecticut farmers and local farm grown products. One thing that farmers' need in these hard economic times is support from their local communities.

In the State of Connecticut, it seems like everywhere you look, you can find one type of farm or another. Farming is not an easy occupation, as it takes a lot of hard work and just the right amount of heat and rain. They are more than willing to put in the hard work, but have no control over the weather. Last year, the extensive amount of rain produced a smaller crop than usual and a larger amount of fungus.

This year produced a better crop. "With all the heat this summer, everything is doing well and the corn crops are two weeks early," said Betsy Molodich of Betsy's Farm Stand in Sterling. (Molodich is a member of Ekonk Community Grange.) Corn prices are the same as last year, and the sweet butter and sugar corn is plentiful.

Farmers love the earthy smell of the soil and harvesting a good crop as a result of their extensive labor. Many have their own stands to help sell their produce With the selling season being so quick, they look for other ways to sell their products in the market place, and look for new ideas to accomplish this.

All over the state, you can find local Farmers' Markets, part of NECT Grown, and part of the Department of Agriculture, for the farmers to have an avenue to get the product out to the communities.

On Tuesdays from 4pm-6pm, farmers from Plainfield and the surrounding area gather on Route 12 in the Eagle Plaza to sell their produce. Most are picked the same day and it cannot get any fresher than that. You never know what types of fruits and vegetables you may find - it all depends on the week and which crops are ready to be picked.

Rob Freeman, owner, Edible Landscaping, Plainfield, was at the Farmers' Market with fresh gooseberries and white currents, which is delicious in desserts. He also has a vast supply of root vegetables. "They grow early in the season, and others will grow in August," said Rob.

It is time to take advantage of local-fresh grown produce.


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