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National Grange President stops in Illinois

By Katie Nilsson, WREX, NBC-13, Rockford, IL

  MAY 28, 2010 --

The president of the National Grange came to the Rockford, Illinois area on May 24th, in an effort to get support for broadband access in rural areas.

The organization has been around since 1867. Over the years it's become one of the country's biggest advocates for smaller, rural communities. The National Grange has over 200,000 members in 2,700 communities spread over 40 states and supports farmers, ranchers, teachers, law enforcement officials, local business people and other rural leaders. It also supports agriculture, and other initiatives people in rural communities deal with, like getting equal access to communication.

"You don't have to get very far out of the urban area to often be down to dial-up and in this day and age, dial-up doesn't cut it if you really want to be a connected part of the world," says National Grange President Ed Luttrell.

Luttrell was also in town to meet with local Grange members to teach them more about what the national organization does.


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